Willard Hylton’s Resignation Sparks Outrage in Transport Sector

A resignation letter was submitted by Managing Director of the Transport Authority Willard Hylton on Tuesday. This news however has left employees and members of the sector disappointed and outraged triggering protests on Tuesday followed accompanied by service disruptions.

Employees of the Transport Authority in St. James showing support for Managing Director Willard Hylton, whom they believe was forced into severing ties with the authority.

Speaking with our news team earlier employees say Mr. Hylton adds value to the transport sector.

Meanwhile in the corporate area employees also stood in solidarity.

President of the Transport Operator Development Sustainable Services TODSS, Egerton Newman says it is a first for the company to see such actions taken, noting that Mr. Hylton is allegedly being pushed out.

Head of the All-Island Taxi Route Association Raymond Bennett adds Hylton has made far more changes over a short period, which has positively impacted the sector. Watch the report here:

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