After facing a chaotic few months that left some White River rafters jobless, there’s a silver lining as they find themselves navigating the waters of another river in the parish.

In the wake of their relocation, the rafters share that the transition has been a series of adjustments. However, despite the initial challenges, they report a surge in business, thanks to their loyal customers who have seamlessly shifted their river adventures to Rio Nuevo. One raft captain explains the smooth transition, attributing it to the fact that most drivers who used to bring customers to the White River are now directing them to Rio Nuevo.

With four rafts still stationed on the White River, concerns loom regarding the potential impact of a reopening on their newfound success. Some worry that the White River entity, being more costly and farther away, could slow down their booming business. In response to these apprehensions, Rio Nuevo Village Limited CEO, David Wilson, vehemently opposes such beliefs.

Wilson assures that their offerings in Rio Nuevo justify their pricing, and he remains confident that the White River does not pose a threat to their thriving venture. As the White River rafters continue to navigate the currents of change, only time will tell if their relocation to Rio Nuevo proves to be a long-term success.                                                  

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Reporter: Trisha-Gaye Kelly

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