Western Hospitals Buckle Under COVID-19 Pressure

As of Friday, September 10, hospitals within the Western Regional Health Authority, (WRHA) accounts for over 300 admissions of people requiring medical care. Clinical Coordinator of the Authority, Dr. Delroy Fray is reiterating that although the vaccines will not prevent you from contracting the virus, it will reduce serious illness and death.

802 persons were hospitalized due to COVID-19 up to Friday, September 10. 152 people are moderately ill, 110 are severely ill, and 60 are in critical condition. Hospitals in the Western Regional Health Authority accounts for over 300 of the 802 people currently receiving medical attention.

The Authority’s Clinical Coordinator Dr. Delroy Fray, notes that there is a worrying trend with the hospital admissions. He noted that in Savanna-La-Mar 100% of the persons who were hospitalised were not vaccinated and at Cornwall Regional Hospital 99% of the patients were also unvaccinated. According to Dr. Fray, immunization against the virus must be priority. This as the country now faces a new threat from the confirmed presence of the Mu variant, which is said to be more transmissible and less responsive to vaccines.

Dr. Fray is encouraging the population to take advantage of the national vaccination programme.

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