Jamaica Energy Partners Group, (JEP) Jamaica’s largest independent power producer, and USAID local partner development launched their community intervention programme, aimed at transforming the lives of twenty youngsters residing in Western and Eastern Kingston with an introduction to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; STEM field.

The youth in the West Kingston community will benefit from a six-month training program geared towards equipping them towards careers in the S.T.E.M field. The program is spearheaded by Caribbean sustainable energy and innovation institute. Speaking at the recent meeting launch, Dr. Ruth Potopsingh of the University of Technology sought to outline the content of the programme. She noted that at the end of the training participants will be able to implement the basic circuit configurations among other things.

USAID recently granted West Kingston power partners and Jamaica private power company 63% of the total project value of 5.7 million dollars. Corporate responsibility manager at the Jamaica Energy Partners, (JEP) Melissa Newman says after the course has been completed, on the job experience will be provided.

It is estimated that 3.5 million jobs in the stem field will need to be filled by 2025 in the United States alone.

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