National Security Minister Makes Significant Visit to Upcoming St. James Wellness Centre Site – In a recent development, Dr. Horace Chang, the National Security Minister, paid a visit to the site designated for the forthcoming St. James Wellness Centre. This initiative, spearheaded by the Social Investment and Holistic Support Entity, is poised to address the needs of high school dropouts and young individuals at risk of engaging in unlawful activities. The primary objective of this project is to enhance the overall well-being of students susceptible to truancy and families struggling with poverty and various societal challenges that often place them in less-than-ideal circumstances.

Dr. Chang underlined the historical and prestigious significance of the property chosen for the St. James Child and Adolescent Wellness Centre. It once served as the residence of the former Governor-General, Sir Howard Cooke, and borders Dr. Chang’s own childhood home. Once the remodeling of 1 Humber Avenue is completed, it is anticipated that this location will significantly benefit numerous families in multifaceted ways. Watch the report:

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