Jamaicans now have the option of being physically present in a place of worship when the clock strikes 12 am welcoming the New Year. A traditional cross over ceremony Christians and non-Christians anticipate. 

Has the practice of Watchnight service lost its significance due to the pandemic? 2020 saw scores of worshipers tuning in virtually to Watchnight services, and only a handful of people in church for the online production.

Now, one hundred people can be present in a church, providing the physical distance requirement is met to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But what will a watch night service look like this year compared to last year?

This question was posed to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kingston, who is also the President of the Jamaica Council of Churches and the Chairman of the Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches.

Archbishop Richards says the practice remains significant as it focuses on peace, giving people the opportunity to examine and reflect on their lives for the coming year. He’s encouraging churchgoers to remain vigilant while ringing in 2022.