Warmington Recommends Removal of Auditor General from Integrity Commission

Member of Parliament Everald Warmington is recommending that the Integrity Commission’s Act be amended to remove the Auditor General’s involvement with the Integrity Commission.

Warmington says the current involvement of the Auditor General poses a conflict of interest. Speaking in a Joint Select Committee on the Integrity Commissions Act of 2017, Member of Parliament for South West St. Catherine Everald Warmington in his submission, highlighted several recommendations and amendments relating to an alleged conflict of interest in the office of the auditor general, while being attached to the integrity commission.

Warmington points to a section of the financial administration and audit act that outlines the primary roles and functions of the auditor general. He notes that according to the financial administration and audit act, the auditor general must be audited and reported on by the minister of finance. He recommends the auditor general be removed from the committee, and that section 39 part 5 be amended on the condition that members’ statutory declarations are to be gazetted. Watch the report:

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