The renovation of the centuries old Ward Theater is nearing completion, with a timeline set for September, November 2020.

This was announced on a guided tour of the facility recently.

The process has seen a great deal of work conducted including repairs to the restroom and changing rooms, the installation of doors and the lobby area has been revamped.

The main area of focus now is staging, which will see the installation of lighting and also the rigging system, to add to the seamless stage effects.

The historic national monument is also set to undergo more electrical work including the installation of air condition units.

The bar area is about 90% completed and already, the framework for the seating area is underway. That is expected to be completed by January 2020.

A new door has also been installed at one of the main entrances to the theater.

The carpet has been acquired and will be laid when the bulk of work is concluded.

In enhancing the full completion, the outer appearance will be refurbished, with a timeline set for February/March 2020.

Mayor of Kingston Delroy Williams discloses that both local and international parties have shown interest in the use of the space.

On another note… Critics are of the opinion that the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation has failed to retain the iconic building s core character. They say there has not been sufficient dialogue with musicians and performers.

The squabble comes over the removal of the orchestra pit.

However in a release, the KSAMC dismisses this …saying that it is present and has always been a part of the plans to keep the pit as an element of the theater.