Ward: Any Sign of Money Laundering at SSL To US Banks Could Spell Trouble

Former Ambassador to the United Nations, and Attorney based in the United States, Curtis Ward is contending with the FBI’s involvement in the Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) fraud probe –  any sign of money laundering linking the missing funds to any American Bank will bring widespread penalties for the culprits. This he says will also shed light on any deficiency impacting the local financial sector, a space member of the diaspora has been encouraging to invest in for decades.

Ward contends that should the FBI detect any trace of money laundering to financial institutions in the US with the monies fleeced from forty SSL customers, it would lead to severe penalties for all parties implicated.

He notes that the FBI’s involvement will mean a more forensic and thorough look at all the systems that failed and could expand beyond Jamaica’s shores. Meantime, he explains there are other arms of the US justice system that could likely be drawn into the probe depending on what exactly is uncovered. 

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