One of Westmoreland’s most wanted Andre Hinds has been fatally shot during an altercation with the police this afternoon. Reports are that the law men were greeted with gun fire while carrying out a special operation in Bluefields in the parish.

DSP Adrian Hamilton told our news team that Hinds has been wanted since 2019. One of Jamaica’s most wanted men, Andre Hinds, otherwise called bunny, was fatally shot during a confrontation with the police in the Auldayr area of Bluefields, Westmoreland on Saturday February 12. 

An ak-47 rifle with two magazines, and 13 rounds were seized after the confrontation. Hinds, who was associated with the notorious ‘delete gang’ was wanted for multiple cases of murder, shooting, and arson, as well as other crimes.

Hinds has been listed by the police as wanted since 2019. 

Deputy Superintendent of Police for the Westmoreland Division Adrian Hamilton told CVM Live, at around midday, the Westmoreland police were on operation in the area when men dressed in army fatigues were seen walking around with guns; the men engaged the police in a firefight, and hinds was shot. The other men are believed to be Devani Bennett, otherwise called ‘Santa’ or ‘Dob’ and Moses Ramsey.

DSP Hamilton says Bennett and Ramsey also fired at the police during the incident, but they escaped. The police are urging the men to turn themselves in to the nearest police station by the latest 12 pm Monday February 14, 2022. Hamilton is also warning criminals that their migration to other parishes will not prevent the police from capturing them.