Waltham Park Residents Protest Water Conditions

Sections of Waltham Park were blocked by residents protesting the water conditions in their communities. According to them, there has been a lack of water for months and the National Water Commission -NWC is not doing much to fix it. They say several trucks have been in their communities to sell water but it is not affordable to the masses.

These residents are even questioning where the water is coming from.
Armed with placards they made their request ‘we want water’ which was followed by ‘ no water no vote’. Some publicly announced that they would support the Government instead of the opposition if water was provided. 

The police were alerted to the gathering of the residents and moved swiftly to clear the roadway. However, once the police left the roadways were again filled with garbage, trees and old items.
One resident disclosed that a woman was killed when she attempted to get water from a neighboring community. They say the National Water Commission must intervene immediately.

However, the Corporate Public Relations Manager for the National Water Commission, Charles Buchanan says investigations will be carried out. He says he is aware that sections of the corporate area are affected by limited water supply due to insufficient rainfall in the island.