Whirlwind Entertainment and Dancehall Queen Carlene Host Historic Event Despite Criticisms

In a historic spectacle that lit up the streets of Saint Andrew, the inaugural Dancehall Road March took place on Boxing Day, December 26, 2023. The scorching sun witnessed scores of enthusiastic revelers joyously following music trucks along the lively route, marking a memorable day in the annals of Jamaican entertainment. Spearheaded by Michael Dawson, Chief Executive Officer of Whirlwind Entertainment, and Dancehall Queen Carlene, the event aimed to create a vibrant celebration of dancehall culture. Addressing concerns about the event’s promotion, Dancehall Queen Carlene dismissed criticisms, asserting that promotional efforts were indeed sufficient, given the limited time for organizing the groundbreaking event. As the streets of Saint Andrew pulsated with the infectious beats of dancehall music, the atmosphere became electric with the energy of participants and onlookers alike.

One of the major highlights of the day was the presence of renowned disc jockeys, artists, and dancers. Shelly Belly, a prominent figure in the dancehall scene, stole the show and became the subject of viral footage capturing the day’s exhilarating proceedings. Dr. Sonjah Stanley Niaah, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies (UWI), weighed in on the discussion surrounding the event, acknowledging its significance in the cultural landscape. The Dancehall Road March spanned a dynamic route, commencing at the Police Officer’s Club on Hope Road and culminating at the bustling Marketplace on Constant Spring Road. The day’s festivities reached their zenith at the renowned nightclub Mecca, where participants continued to revel in the vibrant atmosphere long into the night.

Reporter Kevon Reynolds spoke with Dancehall Queen Carlene, who expressed her satisfaction with the event’s success and emphasized the importance of showcasing the rich tapestry of dancehall culture on such a grand scale. The Dancehall Road March not only entertained but also served as a platform for cultural expression, bringing together people from all walks of life in celebration of Jamaica’s iconic music genre. As the sun set on Saint Andrew, the echoes of the inaugural Dancehall Road March resonated throughout the city, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural calendar and setting the stage for future celebrations of dancehall’s rhythmic spirit.

Reporter: Kevon Reynolds 

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