As gangsters continue to wreak havoc on the nation, one former Portmore resident recounts the terror she endured at the hands of criminals. Having watched gunmen murder her son before putting a gun to her head and setting her house ablaze, she questions where the justice is for the average Jamaican. The woman who is now in hiding has been given a pseudo-name to further protect her identity. She reminisces on the happier days she had before criminals were born and raised in their Gregory Park community, a place called Banga Gully, turned on her family.

Betty, as we have called her for this story, no longer has the luxury of watching her grandson grow, though he is all she has left of her son who was murdered by gangsters last year April. She returns to the haunting memory in tears. After two more bullets and more interrogation the mother listened from inside the house in anguish. She sought help from a military man and neighbors, whose lives have since been threatened. One of the accused in the mayhem has since been slain by the police during a confrontation in the community. Her reaction was one of relief. Watch the report below:

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