Vaz Stands by Holness Amid Initial Corruption Claims 

Following the Integrity Commission’s Director of Corruption Prosecution’s decision to not charge Prime Minister Andrew Holness in relation to the corruption scandal, Member of Parliament for west Portland Daryl Vaz is supporting the Party Leader. He outlines reasons Holness committed no wrong, in catering to constituents. As he relished in his contribution to the development of western Portland, the constituency’s Member of Parliament (MP) Daryl Vaz says MPs being involved in projects is not abnormal. He adds, the practice of MPs making recommendations for contracts has been in place since former Prime Minister PJ Patterson’s administration. This, he says started when MPs complained that work was being done in their constituency without their knowledge. Using himself as an example, Vaz says from 2007 he has made hundreds of recommendations as it relates to projects, but he has no say as an MP in the procurement process. The MP says of those recommendations, he has a 10 to 30 percent success rate for the contractor that he recommends, being used. Vaz notes good MPs are naturally involved in the execution of projects across their constituency. Watch the report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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