Vaccination Mandate is the best Way to Go

As the conversation around a possible vaccination mandate in the near future grows in and around Jamaica; on Thursday, October 14, Prime Minister Andrew Holness visited the South West, St. Ann constituency as part of the Government’s Vaccine Mobilization and Public Education Campaign. The Prime Minister whilst speaking at a blitz site in Alexandria sought to encourage the residents, this as he notes their willingness towards receiving the jab is their realization of the impact on the economy.

Speaking with residents Prime Minister Holness says the vaccination mandate is the best solution at this time in order for Jamaica’s economy to get back on track. He also notes the un-vaccinated will have to deal with the consequences of their decision.

He notes while the Government is cognizant of the poor, greatly impacted by the closing down of the economy, and says the vaccine mandate is the route to go for the country to return to normality. The Prime Minister also alluded to the current conversation on whether the vaccinated should return to normal, he says while that is a possibility, the un-vaccinated will have to face the ramifications of their decision.

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