The University of the West Indies, UWI, is exploring a new approach towards its gender policy-making room for more people who identify differently from male or female. In part one of this story, our reporter Javine Mclean speaks with students about the proposed changes to the policy.

According to the gender policy being proposed, the intention is to guide the UWI to mainstream gender across the university by ensuring gender equity and justice in all university practices, policies, procedures, and programmes.

The gender policy seeks to embed strategies and facilitate mechanisms to address existing and potential gender disparities and oppressions, which may deny members of the UWI community access to gender justice. The policy further highlights these strategies are essential in the maintenance of the sustainability of the institution and its stakeholders and ultimately may redound to the benefit of the entire Caribbean region and its diaspora. The university seeks to acknowledge gender identities such as they-them, cisgender and non-gender conforming roles.

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