UWI Heightens Security After Student Sexually Assaulted 

Not long after two students were sexually assaulted on the grounds of the College of Agriculture, Science, and Education, (CASE) in Portland, the University of the West Indies (UWI) is faced with a similar challenge. Reports are that a female student was also sexually assaulted on the Mona campus on Thursday.

The Head of Campus Security is promising to ramp up safety measures to prevent any recurrence. Following the sexual assault of a female student, Director of Security Norman Haywood is vowing to significantly heighten security on the campus. 

CVM LIVE understands the incident took place at about 2 pm in the vicinity of the annex and senate buildings on the compound, prompting administrators to temporarily close restrooms in isolated areas. 

Haywood says the other restrooms will be intensely monitored. However, he admits it’s difficult to regulate who comes on the campus, especially with so many commercial spots on the grounds of The University.  Watch the full report:


Reporter: Velonique Bowen