USA: Fear Looms Over Joe Biden’s Inauguration

USA: Fear looms over Joe Biden’s Inauguration – At least one Jamaican activist living near the Capitol in Fair Fax County Virginia is expressing cautious optimism for the soon-to-be confirmed Biden- Harris Administration. 

The executive member of the Jamaica Peace Council (JPC) and a member of the Diaspora in Virginia says it will undoubtedly take the new administration more than a term to right the wrongs of Donald Trump and his supporters.

This as he says myriad residents in and around the Washington DC area have been on edge as Inauguration Day draws nearer, following the recent Capitol Hill Riots on Wednesday, January 6.

In less than 48 hours a new president will be sworn in, but there’s cautious optimism from the Jamaican living in one of America’s wealthiest counties near the congress building.

He says since the riots, the capitol has been heavily guarded in anticipation of any further attacks from those supporting the ousted president, Donald Trump.

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