US Ambassador Donald Tapia Receives Heavy Criticism

The United States of America Ambassador to Jamaica, Donald Tapia, has publicly apologized for inappropriate comments made on his official Twitter handle, comments that have sparked widespread criticism of the top United States Diplomat. The tweets were deemed inappropriate and have since been deleted.

The first unusual tweet from the ambassador’s official Twitter handle was a comment on a news item he was featured in, cautioning the Jamaican government on the possible risks of getting involved with China. 

It read “where is the full tape? Conveniently lost? This tweet caught the attention of many who accused him of interfering in the country’s affairs. A twitter user posted …”anyone afraid to tell Tapia to mind his own business? Or they are  afraid to lose their visas?”

To this Tapia’s handle responded “you must have been turned down, sounds like you’re angry” The Twitter rant became seemingly personal when a user was told that he was smoking “too much ganja,”

Another user was told… “I don’t drink, and you’re a joke”…According to Ambassador Tapia, he was not the one making the tweets, nor was his account hacked. However, he takes full responsibility and the representative who was using his account will be sent back to the United States. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT), Kamina Johnson Smith in a tweet, says she is aware of the heated exchange and has spoken to the ambassador who has assured her that it will not recur.

A lecturer from the department of government at the University of the West Indies, (UWI) Dr. Lloyd Waller says the apology from the Ambassador is commendable and it begins the process of healing and reconnection. CVM TV’s Reporter Robian Williams has more in this report: