Update: Public Sector Unrest; NHT Workers Take Strike Action

A public sector, seemingly in chaos, as yet another entity took industrial action. Workers at the National Housing Trust expressed their disapproval, over what they say is management’s reluctance to increase benefits. The public sector unrest, which started earlier this week, continues to threaten production and the talk of more to come. National Housing Trust workers are the latest public servants to go on strike. The workers, who are dissatisfied with their wages, staged protests across several of their offices, demanding attention from the government. 

The protests arise from a job evaluation exercise that was given approval from the ministry of finance in 2016. In 2018, the National Housing Trust started the process of finalizing the agreement, yet it has not been revisited since. Protest by workers at the agency’s headquarters in New Kingston took place at the Emancipation Park.

President of the National Housing Trust Staff Association, Shana White, spoke with CVM Live. White says the workers will continue their protest action until negotiations are finalized. Meanwhile, NHT workers are also protesting at the Montego Bay location, and are receiving support from members of the public. This is the third protest by a public sector body this week, on the heels of the National Water Commission and air traffic controllers.

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell