Unprecedented Turnout at Vaccination Blitz in St. James

Chaotic scenes were captured on Tuesday, September 14, at a vaccination blitz site in Montego Bay, St. James, as hundreds of people descended on the location to receive a COVID-19 jab. CVM Live understands that the authorities grappled with an unprecedented turnout of people, a day before the lockdown period expires.

Disgruntled citizens expressed their frustration over what they say was the disorderly process. A number of things seemingly went awry at the vaccination blitz site at Sandals Resort in Montego Bay, St. James.

It is understood that the process was going smoothly in an alphanumeric order until it was announced for people who already had a vaccination card to come upfront. As explained by the citizens, many were concerned as it relates to those who were there for their second shot not being prioritized over those who were there for their first shot.

A decision was made by the Head of the Western Regional Health Authority, (WRHA) St. Andrae Sinclair, who noted that a separation of the crowd was necessary as the crowd was out of control, and this was of great concern.

While the police had to intervene, there were other concerns as second dosers claimed they were asked to fill out a second form. Many persons were disgruntled by what the labelled as unorganized, no social distancing, and a massive failure to observe minimum health protocols.

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