UNICEF Donates Packages to Children with Special Needs

UNICEF Donates -The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is working closely with children with special needs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It has partnered with Special Olympics Jamaica to donate care packages to families who require support for their children.

This amid a recent study by the organization (UNICEF) that revealed that a significant percentage of households have suffered a reduction in income. This has led to a dependence on savings. However, only one in every two households reported having enough income or savings to sustain them for two weeks or less. Most of these households are now coping with food shortages by eating smaller or fewer meals per day. For families with children living with special needs, the challenges are even tougher.

Manchester Parish Coordinator for Special Olympics, Yolande Reid told CVM LIVE that she has heard the stories of hardships faced by parents.

“It is very difficult, very difficult coping.”

One parent that the care packages being donated by UNICEF/Special Olympics will benefit families.

“Due to the time that we are going through it is sort of real difficult depending on the position that you are in,” she said.

The recent beneficiaries of the care packages were students at the Woodlawn School of Special Education and the Bethabara Primary and Junior high school.

The Principal of Bethabara Primary and Junior High School, Cecil Hamilton was elated to receive the donation.

“These packages will go a far way in assisting our students who are having challenges due to COVID-19. I know many persons are in need and we thank this group (UNICEF/Special Olympics).”

Parents are grateful for the support as special needs students require varied support services, especially during the pandemic.