Speculation is on the rise regarding the future of Police Commissioner Antony Anderson, as his second term in the role approaches its expiration in a few months. The 34-year army veteran assumed the position in March 2018, with mixed reactions to his leadership. After nearly six years of service, questions linger about whether Major General Antony Anderson will receive a new contract or if he intends to stay. Despite inquiries, no official comments have provided a definite answer on his post-April tenure. Stakeholders close to Anderson, the country’s first National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister before his current role, remain tight-lipped about his intentions for a third term or potential successors within the JCF.

CVM News attempted to contact Chairman of the Police Services Commission, Professor Gordon Shirley, for a comment, but calls to his cellphone went unanswered. JCF statistics reveal fluctuations in the murder rate since Anderson took office, peaking at 1,511 in 2022 compared to 1,287 in 2018. While no official expressions of interest have surfaced, attention is turning to Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake and the current front-runner in charge of crime and security, Deputy Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey. As crime and improved policing are central to the Jamaican government’s agenda, CVM News sought a comment from the Jamaica Labour Party. Public Relations Officer and Information Minister Robert Morgan noted that the matter falls under the Police Services Commission’s jurisdiction. He clarified that the government has not discussed the issue and has no plans to politicize policing efforts.


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