It appears help is on the way for those students, as the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Prevention Task Force and its partners are seeking university placements for them to continue their studies.

Job opportunities are also being sourced for the students while they await placement. It appears all hope isn’t lost for the over 20 students who recently returned home from the battlefield that is now Ukraine. The JDCP Task Force is stepping in to help get their lives back on track, despite the difficulties.

Earlier this week, one student, Shavell Peart told CVM Live she wants nothing more than to be able to complete medical school, even if it meant starting over. Now, that dream may very well become a reality for Shavell and the other students as chairman of the task force Dr. Rupert Francis tells CVM Live the organization is in the process of securing university placements for the students.

He says the universities may take a different approach at vetting the students since they do not have any legitimate documentation to show where they are in their curriculum. Dr. Francis says the organization and its partners are also aiming to provide job opportunities for the students while they await placement. Meanwhile, he says the government’s role did not end when the students were evacuated and brought home. He’s urging them to use their network and resources to further assist the students.

The students are expected to be in dialogue with the universities in short order.

Reporter: Velonique Bowen