UIC Calls for Boycott to Inspire Inclusivity

The United Independents Congress, (UIC) is again advocating for their right not to get vaccinated. In their latest strategy to inspire inclusivity, they have promised economic ruin for business that supports mandatory vaccination. The UIC issued Jamaican businesses with an ultimatum to accept persons of all vaccination status or risk boycott through the. “All Are Welcome” campaign if this is not done by Friday, October 15. This insists businesses run the risk of encouraging medical apartheid.

Stating their stance on patronizing both vaccinated and unvaccinated customers the UIC is seeking to prevent ill-treatment of unvaccinated people in Jamaica. President Joseph Patterson says the country is headed in the wrong direction citing the recent move by some companies to mandate vaccination of their employees; even calling out the Government on its handling of the situation.

Since the campaign was launched earlier in the week, some entities have shown their support through making posts on their social media pages. In responding to the short time span of the call to businesses Patterson says the response should be automatic. Patterson shares that the advocacy by the UIC is for the benefit of all Jamaicans.

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