UHWI Reduces Brain Surgery Waiting List with Latest Technology

The Brain-Lab MRI is a sophisticated machine that targets tumors in the brain, morphs, and removes them. The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) houses this cutting-edge technology and has successfully performed 12 surgeries so far.

The Brain-Lab MRI is the only one of its kind in the region and it is for here in Jamaica.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the neurosurgery team had to suspend operations; to date, the team is back in operations and on a mission to shorten the now long waiting list.

The Brain-Lab MRI originating from Germany uses a cutting-edge technology that targets and morphs a brain tumor. The Medical Chief of Staff at the UHWI and Neurosurgeon, Dr. Carl Bruce says this is one of the most sophisticated machines in the region.

He says the hospital is again performing surgeries, and he is urging patients in need of treatment to come in.

So far, the neurosurgery team at the University Hospital has performed approximately twelve 12 brain surgeries using the new technology.