Workmen are picking up the pace of the construction of a 48-bed field hospital on the grounds of the University Hospital of the West Indies, UHWI, in St. Andrew. This is to further reduce pressure on the hospital’s already strained resources in treating COVID-19 patients.

Just over two weeks after breaking ground at the UHWI for a Field Hospital, construction is said to be progressing well. The project, aimed at assisting with the surge in the COVID-19 admissions is in the vicinity of the emergency medicine and casualty division.

Already pipes have been laid and the foundation and retaining wall have been constructed to provide a level space adjacent to the existing facility. When CVM Live visited the site on Saturday, September 18, workmen were seen assembling the units and fastening the nuts and bolts to keep them in place.

Based on preliminary configuration a total of 20 container units will be installed. The facility is expected to provide bed spaces for 48 confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients.

The management of the hospitals says the modular facility will be equipped to operate autonomously and will offer high-quality medical assistance. They say the field hospital is designed to withstand any type of climate and is adaptable to any environment. The deadline for the completion is projected for the end of September.

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