UCC Firm on 55% Tuition Increase 

Despite a protest by UCC students this week, the University stands firm on its decision to increase the tuition by 55 per cent. The institution’s President Professor Dennis Gayle tells CVM Live, the increase, as sizable as it is, is necessary for improving the quality offered.  Following a protest against a 55% tuition increase by University of the Commonwealth Caribbean students on Wednesday, the school’s administration is making it known that the increase is reasonable under the circumstances. 

The students aired several concerns about the modification, and insist they will not accept anything more than a ten percent increase. But President of the University, Professor Gayle says the 55% increase is necessary as there has been none in four years. He notes during that four year period, the university’s expenses escalated, making a sizable increase needed. Professor Gayle says the increase is really an investment into the institution’s future and the quality which it will provide over time.

He says despite explaining this to the students, they still wanted to negotiate. The Professor made it clear that the increase in tuition will not be reduced. However, he says more financial assistance will be provided for students who are in need. He also urges students to take advantage of those opportunities to get grants and scholarships. 

Watch here: https://youtu.be/YJbjFT1ZKb4

Reporter: Velonique Bowen