In a significant development, the University of Technology, UTECH, is on the brink of resolving the longstanding wage conflict that has affected students’ access to last semester’s grades. A successful meeting took place on Thursday, involving key stakeholders from the Ministries of Finance and Education. Dr. Tashieka Burris Melville, the Public Relations Officer for the UTECH Academic Staff Union (UTASSU), shared this optimistic update during a recent CVM interview.

The academic staff at UTECH had, until yesterday, withheld students’ grades as part of a decades-old wage dispute with the government. The Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students expressed strong disapproval of this action in a CVM interview on Wednesday, labeling it a disservice to students. However, a potential resolution is now in sight, offering hope to concerned students. The update follows a collaborative effort involving government representatives and university stakeholders.


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