U.S Election Result Hangs In the Balance

U.S Election result hangs in the balance – The world is watching, as Americans decide on who will be the next president of the United States. Democrat Joe Biden is challenging incumbent Republican Donald Trump in the 59th presidential election.

The results will no doubt have a huge impact even beyond the borders of the United States. The number of voters who have voted prior to Election Day has set new records, nearly one hundred million people took part in early voting – that’s more than two-thirds of the voters registered in the entire 2016 campaign.

But an immediate result on the U.S Election Day is in doubt as it may take days or weeks before a winner is declared.

Head of the Jamaica Diaspora task force on crime, Dr. Rupert Francis adds that this is likely the most consequential election of all time.

According to Dr. Francis trumps return to the oval office could spell trouble for ethnic minorities. But no matter the winner, the election could spark renewed civil unrest. Jamaicans in the United States have however showed support for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

My colleague Robian Williams has more in this report: