Two security guards employed by Beryllium security limited have been shot in Portmore Pines st. Catherine.

Early reports are that they were unloading money when they were attacked. It is reported one of the guards succumbed to his injury while the other remain in critical condition.

The heavily armed men pounced while an automated teller machine was being loaded with cash, making off with millions. Gunmen opened fire hitting the security guards and sent civilians scampering. Robbing what is being approximated as over ten million dollars. The terrifying moment gunshots rang out, was captured on CCTV at a business establishment nearby, as shoppers cowered in terror

Four minutes after nine to be exact on Monday morning. Senior Superintendent of police in charge of the St Catherine South Division, Christopher Phillips says the men were heavily armed leaving the guards who were not using an armoured vehicle, with little to no chance of countering the attack. 

The security guards attached to the Beryllium group were delivering cash to the Jamaica National ATM on the Portmore Pines Plaza when tragedy struck. The men made their escape in a white Subaru motorcar. SSP Phillips says work commenced for a business watch program in the division, however, he says this incident will act as a catalyst for its introduction. Watch the report below:

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