Two of St. James’ Most Wanted Turn Themselves In 

Two of St. James’ most wanted turned themselves in days after the police released a list of the most wanted men in the parish. The men have been identified as Tadjay Clarke otherwise called Fathead, and Christopher ‘Big Foot’ Campbell. The men are wanted in connection with a string of murders that have occurred throughout the parish.

Superintendent of Police in charge of the St. James Division, Carlos Russell says charges have already been laid against Clarke.   He was wanted in connection with the fatal shootings of two men in the Green Pond Community on March 15. Tadjay Clarke is expected to be charged for other crimes, as investigations continue; Campbell will be charged soon.

Russell says he is imploring the residents in the St. James division and neighbouring parishes to come forward with any information they have regarding the other men on the list. More details in this report: 

Reporter Nasika Alliman

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