The search continues for a suspect who escaped during a fatal shooting in Manchester in which two of his cronies succumbed to their injuries. Police have identified the two men who were killed as Dwayne Baker and Cameron Witter.

Baker is said to be from Kingsland and Witter is said to be from Knockpatrick, both in Manchester. Witter and Baker were among four men accused of stealing six goats in Maggotty, St Elizabeth.

Two dead, one injured, and another on the run. Such was the outcome after an alleged confrontation between police and gunmen in Kingsland Meadows, Manchester on Tuesday. CVM LIVE understands that at approximately 3 in the afternoon, the four men stole four goats in Lacovia, St Elizabeth and residents alerted the police. Subsequently, a roadblock was mounted along the Spur Tree Hill main road in search of a black Toyota Vitz motor car.

Reports are that the car was signalled to stop, however, the driver allegedly disobeyed, resulting in a chase. It is alleged the police were shot at during the chase which ended at Queen’s Circle in King’s Land Meadows. The injured men were taken to the hospital where two were pronounced dead, while one is undergoing treatment under police supervision. Police in the parish combed the area for the third suspect who escaped in nearby bushes but was unable to locate him. 

The lawmen were however successful in recovering a firearm during the operation.

Reporter: Kimberly Henry.

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