Two Incoming (PNP) Vice Presidents Urged to Apologize

There’s a growing call for two of the People’s National Party (PNP) Vice Presidents Designate, Ian Hayles and Richard Azan to apologize to Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), MP Rhoda Crawford furore comments they made about her. Both agents in the PNP and JLP are calling for the men to apologize.

Utterances made by PNP Vice Presidential Nominees, Ian Hayles and Richard Azan about young entrant the JLP’s Rhoda Moy Crawford’s unseating of long time PNP MP Peter Bunting, continues to provoke expressions of indignation, among the populace. 

Both former MP’s, now Vice Presidents designate of the PNP, were speaking at a central Manchester constituency conference at the weekend. Since then, the National Organization of Women, an affiliate of the governing, Jamaica Labour Party in a statement condemned the remarks by both Hayles and Azan. A section of the statement quotes ” the fact that Hayles and Azan categorized MP Crawford as ‘nothing’ and having mental challenges is a feeble attempt at trying to cover for the decimation of their proxy leader, Peter Bunting, who was severely thrashed by Crawford. 

The youth arm of the JLP has also rejected the comments from two PNP Vice President nominees. The Young Jamaica says the attack on the central Manchester Member of Parliament is quote “nothing short of distasteful, repugnant and detestable” 

They went to list other instances in which they accuse the PNP of showing a lack of grace and respect to women.

The PNP’s Women’s Movement has called on Hayles and Azan to retract the statements which have infuriated many. CVM LIVE made several attempts to contact them both, but our calls went unanswered.