Two Dead After Bauxite Locomotive Derailed

Two men employed to the Discovery Bauxite Operations in St Ann died in a bizarre incident last night. The company has put its primary operations on pause to reach out to relatives and staff while it undergoes the incident which is now the subject of major investigations.

Tragedy on the graveyard shift Sunday at discovery bauxite operations led to the suspension of all rail operations by daybreak, a costly break no doubt for the company which prides itself on security.

A switcher locomotive that derailed at about 11 o’clock claimed the lives of the two persons who were onboard. The duo -.the operator -Orlando Brown of Browns Town and a Security Guard Sein Powell hail from Spaulding were found unresponsive and rushed to hospital where all efforts to save their lives failed and they were pronounced dead.

Early on the spot in retreat, St Ann where the incident happened was the company’s emergency team, who got prompt support from the police and the fire department.

Our news gathering team was unable to get close to the wreckage however in an amateur video we accessed two of the few onlookers on the scene were overheard trying to decipher what exactly were the men traveling in, which CVM LIVE understands in terms of distance was miles away from the discovery bay location.

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