The political race for the South East Clarendon seat is on.

Jamaica Labour Party’s candidate Pearnel Charles Jr. and an independent candidate, Former PNP Caretaker of the constituency Derrick Lambert were nominated earlier today at the Vere Technical High School in the parish.

The day started out quieter than a usual nomination day would. But there was strong security presence nevertheless. Former PNP Caretaker Derrick Lambert who, noticeably arrived by himself, was nominated around 10:40am.

His nomination fee was paid with a $5000 dollar note and ten $1000 dollar notes.

Back in the 2011 General Election Lambert lost by 107 votes to Rudyard Spencer.

And it was over to the Jamaica Labour Party’s candidate Pearnel Charles Jr. who arrived with the Prime Minister, the bigwigs of the party and bus loads of supporters.

Charles Jr. was nominated at around 12:50pm after paying his nomination fee with three $5000 dollar notes, baring the face of former JLP Prime Minister Hugh Shearer, who held that same seat for two consecutive years.

In endorsing Charles Jr., Prime Minister Andrew Holness says that he is looking forward to a positive result as it will be a preview of what is to come in the general election.

The People’s National Party refused to contest the by-election calling it a waste of public resources. In a one on one with the PNP candidate Patricia Duncan Sutherland, points out that the party is not supportive of any independent candidate, in reference to Derrick Lambert.

And some JLP supporters are objectifying the Prime Minister’s selection for the North Central Clarendon seat.

Senator Robert Nesta Morgan was chosen to be the party’s standard bearer for that constituency.

Clarendon North is currently represented by Pearnel Charles Snr. The JLP supporters say that they are against Morgan being their parliamentary Representative.