Tragic Double Murder Shakes Longbay Community: Brothers Killed Execution-Style in Their Family Home – Late Wednesday night, a devastating tragedy struck the Longbay community, located at the border of St. James and Trelawny, leaving an entire family in grief and fear.

According to police reports, 16-year-old Nevo Samuels and his brother, 21-year-old Gregory Forbes, were both killed execution-style in the wooden section of their family home. Family members heard loud explosions resembling gunshots coming from the back section of the house, which housed three bedrooms occupied by the brothers.

Shortly after the gunshots, a large fire erupted in that section of the house. More gunshots were heard as the assailants fled the area on foot. The police were alerted and upon their arrival, the house was engulfed in flames. The Fire Department was called to control the fire, and during the cooling down operation, the charred remains of both victims were discovered lying face down. The family was too shaken and grief-stricken to react when the news team arrived on the scene. Tragically, it is also understood that another member of the family fell victim to gun violence in the same home last year. The St. James police have initiated an investigation into this gruesome double murder.

Just last month, the parish of St. James was placed under a two-week state of public emergency, along with St. Catherine and Westmoreland, due to ongoing security concerns.