A family is mourning following the tragic incident that unfolded in Bowden Hill, St. Andrew, at around 6 AM. The heart-wrenching event involved the collapse of their home, which resulted in the loss of a two-month-old infant, who happened to have a twin sister. The little baby girl was trapped beneath the debris for an extended period before rescuers could locate her.

Residents residing in the Bowden Hill area of St. Andrew were awakened by a mother’s anguished cries and left their homes to investigate the source of the distress. As they converged on the scene, it became evident that the mother’s house had collapsed, leaving one of her twin daughters trapped beneath the rubble. One neighbor shared that he was in bed when he was startled by an uncommon and unsettling sound. The Stony Hill unit of the Jamaica Fire Brigade was the first to respond, but upon assessing the situation, they quickly realized the magnitude of the crisis and requested additional assistance. Subsequently, a team of 32 firefighters arrived at the scene to initiate a thorough search and rescue operation. After several hours of painstaking efforts, the infant’s lifeless body was eventually discovered. Watch:

Reporter: Trishagaye Kelly

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