Tuition Increase Is Too High: UCC Students

There is yet another protest, but this time by students of University of the Common Wealth Caribbean (UCC) over a 55 per cent increase in tuition fees. The students say they are frustrated with the university’s reluctance to negotiate, and have subsequently led a demonstration outside the campus to have their voices heard. 

The students say fifty-five percent is far too much, especially for a university that markets itself as affordable. Some of the protestors told CVM LIVE, they may even have to drop out if the increase is not reduced. They also complain the increase is not worth it, as they note the quality of services provided at the university are unsatisfactory. 

 Incessant calls have been made to administrators since Tuesday by CVM LIVE, but all calls went unanswered. 

In addition to tuition, there will also be an increase in miscellaneous fees, causing concerns as students argue their classes are online. Watch the full report below:

Reporter: Velonique Bowen