Tufton Visits St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital

The St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital was one of the stops made by Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton as a part of the ministry’s series of visits across the island. Dr. Tufton sought to address members of staff at the Hospital on Thursday; he notes the hospital is one of several hospitals that will be see expansion. He says as the pace of development increases, there is a greater need for more resources and better infrastructure.

He also highlighted that the hospital has seen an increase in trauma cases -the majority of which are caused by the bike and motor vehicle accidents along with injuries from weapons; to which he highlights that some of these incidents can be avoided if citizens simply comply with the law and take the necessary precautions.

The Health Minister alluded to the back log of surgical cases, noting that there is a program currently in place to clear many of the outstanding lists. This while he adds, there will be recruitment of staff to render assistance. More details in the story below:

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