The CEO of the Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT), Lisa Agard, has expressed remorse for the company’s handling of communication in the aftermath of a recent cyberattack. Consequently, Agard has issued an apology. The cyberattack on TSTT was brought to light on October 27 when the international hacking group RansomExx declared that they had infected the company with ransomware and stole up to six gigabytes (GB) of data, including names, email addresses, national ID numbers, phone numbers, and other sensitive information.

On October 30, TSTT released its first statement on the incident, confirming that cyber attackers had attempted unauthorized access to its systems on October 9. In a subsequent release on November 3, TSTT acknowledged that the data exposed on the dark web primarily comprised identifying information. The company issued an apology to customers whose information had been accessed by the cybercriminals.