Tropical Wave Alert for Jamaica

Jamaicans should be bracing for continued rainfall this weekend. This is the Met Office is closely monitoring a tropical wave heading in our direction with a high chance of development in coming days. Senior Meteorologist, Lawrence Brown warns a tropical wave is expected to make landfall in Jamaica on Sunday; and the disturbing weather pattern is likely to become a threat. Brown is urging Jamaicans to be cautious while they monitor the tropical wave closely. He is encouraging fisherfolks to prepare for relocation as the system rapidly develops. However, the met office is also keeping a close watch on hurricane Fiona that ravaged Puerto Rico over the weekend leaving three people dead.

Guadeloupe, the Dominican Republic, Turks, and Caicos also felt the hard pinch over the past few days. Brown explains hurricane Fiona is not a threat to Jamaica but is currently headed towards the eastern section of the United States and Canada.

Reporter: Justin Graham

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