Tropical storm Grace has worsened the damage caused by Tropical storm Elsa just over six weeks ago in Eastern parishes, after it landed heavy rains, strong winds, and high tide on Monday, August 17.

Tropical Storm Grace transformed roads into rivers, and traffic in some areas came to a standstill with motorists skillfully negotiating roadways.

In Portland, there were more signs of destruction as grace lashed the parish, damages caused by strong winds could also be seen in Buff Bay. Throughout other sections of Portland, many trees were downed, blocking major thoroughfares, and in St. Margaret’s Bay, a fire truck was called to clear sections of the road.

In 11 miles Bull Bay, some residents are yet to rebuild following Elsa those who started will now have to start again. A section of the Bull Bay main road is now further undermined as a bridge threatening to collapse.

One resident, Marlon Grant is also calling on other 11 miles residents to act amid the pending disaster, as he says even with minor rainfall the area is often flooded.

In sections of Harbour View, the blue seas were made brown as floodwaters gushed into the rough seas. For the most part, the roads were abandoned, and most businesses closed as the conditions associated with grace pounded the island.

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