Triple Murder In Waterford Portmore

The Police are pursuing several leads in a bit to locate those responsible for a triple murder in Waterford, Portmore on Sunday Night. Based on police reports, around 9:20 pm, armed men posing as robbers entered the house and shot 74 year old Pamela Russell, her daughter, 48-year-old Shemellia Russell-Craig and  grandson, 21-year-old Romario Craig. Sources say a rifle was used and all three were told to kneel before being killed. The police have not yet confirmed.

The incident has since left a community tense and in fear. The Commanding Officer for the St Catherine South Division, Senior Superintendent of Police disclosed that there are several gangs in Portmore. While not linking the incident to any gang activity, he shared that the police are appealing to the public to share what they know.

“At about 9:20 pm last night, the police received reports that three persons were shot in the Waterford Area. On the arrival of the police, three persons were taken to the hospital,. While undergoing treatment, all three persons succumbed to their injuries,” the Senior Cop shared.

Councillor for the Waterford Division, Fenley Douglas says he has known the family for years. He says many are believing the incident to be politically motivated but it is not. He says the Russell family has lived in the area for years and is loved by many. Douglas says although one of their family members is affiliated with the Jamaica Labour Party, there was never an issue, He believes something might have happened elsewhere that led to the killings.

“I, however though want to make a public appeal to the residents to remain calm to cooperate with the police and see how best they can aid in the investigation,” says Councillor Douglas while speaking with CVM LIVE on Monday.