Triple Murder in St James Reignites Gun Laws Conversation

A triple murder in Providence Heights housing scheme St. James Monday night, has led to the renewed call for harsher penalties for persons who not only possess illegal guns but use them to wreak havoc.

A talk with Government Senator Charles Sinclair, who’s also Councillor for the Montego Bay north east division, has revealed there’s much perplexity stemming from Monday night’s shooting death of three unidentified men at Adelphi place, providence heights, in the parish. 

Reports from the police are that about 9:00 pm residents heard explosions and summoned them. On their arrival, they discovered the three wounded men in a white Nissan AD Wagon; one in the front and two on the back seat, with gunshot wounds to their heads and upper bodies.

The police say one of the men appears to be in his fifties and the others in their thirties. Senator Sinclair says the triple murder raises nationwide concerns around the prevalence of illegal firearms in the hands of persons not afraid to use them.