In a somber moment for Trinidad & Tobago, the nation bids farewell to its fifth Prime Minister, Basdeo Panday, who passed away at the age of 90 on New Year’s Day. Panday, known for founding the United National Congress (UNC) and his leadership from 1995 to 2001, left an indelible mark on the country’s political landscape. His daughter Mickela describes him as a resilient fighter who kept everyone around him on their toes with wit and humor, leaving behind a legacy that transcends his time in office.

Trinidad & Tobago’s former Prime Minister, Basdeo Panday, breathed his last on New Year’s Day, surrounded by family, leaving behind a legacy that resonates beyond his political tenure. Panday, the country’s fifth prime minister from 1995 to 2001 and founder of the United National Congress (UNC), was remembered by his daughter Mickela as a resilient individual who fought through life and death with unwavering spirit and humor.

Mickela reflected on her father’s multifaceted impact, stating, “He will live on in all of us, remembered as a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, leader, and friend. He was an inspiration to his family and everybody that knew him. We will continue to celebrate his life and treasure the time we were able to spend with him.”

Former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, an esteemed colleague and friend, paid a heartfelt tribute to the late Basdeo Panday. Patterson highlighted Panday’s roles as a lawyer, economist, trade unionist, and actor, acknowledging their enduring friendship forged during their concurrent tenures. Panday’s commitment to economic and social development, along with his instrumental role in securing the Caribbean Court of Justice seat, showcased his dedication to Trinidad & Tobago.

Despite political affiliations, Patterson emphasized the loss of a colorful political stalwart, a man of warmth, tenacity, and wit whose influence extended beyond the corridors of power. As the nation mourns, Patterson expressed sincere condolences to Panday’s family, urging unity as the country remembers the extraordinary life and struggles of a devoted leader. 

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