Trial For Police Officers In Mario Deane’s Case Begins

Mario Deane’s Case – Mario Deane’s family is still fighting for justice after six long years. Mario Deane died in August 2014 after being beaten while in police custody. Police Corporal Elaine Stewart, Constables Juliana Clevon, and Marlon Grant were arrested and charged with manslaughter in relation to his (Mario Deane) death. Deane’s cellmates had also pleaded guilty to manslaughter. The trial for the officers started on Monday but did not go as expected, according to Mario Deane’s mother, Mercia Frasier.

“The case has put off for January 18. They want Jury trial and therefore the case has to put off to subpoena the witnesses and get the case going.”

Frasier is not pleased with the move but is hoping that justice will be served.

“You don’t know what to expect and so you just get anxious. You have to wait and see because if you get anxiety, you get miserable, you get off-board so you just have to go with it and pray and hope things will work out fine.”

She, however, admits that life has not been the same since Deane’s death but she has been coping with the loss

“I know I have to live with it and I will always remember especially on special dates. I will always remember him but it is a new normal for me now.”

The officers are to return to court on January 18.

CVM LIVE‘s Khadijah Thomas reports this story: