Trelawny Municipality Works to Combat Drought

Efforts by the municipality to combat drought conditions in Trelawny will see the worst-hit communities benefiting from a water supply initiative. And while recent rainfall may impact the need for water by many for those still in need, Mayor Colin Gager is urging patience.

He was speaking at a recent municipal meeting. Steps are being taken by the Trelawny Municipality to combat the drought situation in the parish. Speaking at a municipal meeting recently, Falmouth Mayor Colin Gager says there are many stakeholders involved

In ensuring water is being supplied to the various communities affected. Gager says a reoccurring complaint is the sanitation of trucks delivering water. He’s reiterating the practice of sanitation must be done. Mayor Gager notes due to the challenges brought on by the current drought situation, providing water will have to be done on a house-to-house basis. He adds the Member of Parliament has also provided funding to support this initiative. In the meantime, while he fully comprehends the situation, he’s appealing to residents to exercise patience.

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