As investigations continue into the thirteen firearms seized in Florence Hall, Trelawny on Thursday, Superintendent of the Trelawny Division, Carlos Russell reveals it’s likely the property was being used as a gun shop. 

The revelations from that operation show criminals are not only migrating to other parishes, but also to residential areas. The police discovered thirteen firearms: 5 ar-15 rifles, 2 ak-47, 3 m-16 rifles, 1 tech-9 and 1 mp-5 submachine gun on the premises. 

The find has surfaced the narrative that criminals are migrating uptown. Superintendent Russell says many gangsters have acquired riches and are able to move into these communities, especially since they deem it a safe haven to carry out illegalities, without the pressure of the police. 

He’s urging residents in those communities to be alert and report any strange happenings. SSP Russell warns criminals they’ll not be comfortable in Trelawny. He says he believes the guns found are just a fraction of what really exists. Subsequently, he’s determined to continue the works to stomp out gangs, guns and gunmen.