With developments being made in Digital Transformation, a call is being made for citizens to ensure that they are aligned with legitimate travel agencies. The call is being made by the Senior Vice President of Sales at Sandals Beaches and Resorts, Gary Sadler.

According to Sadler, it is important that travel agents maintain a certain level of standards and ethics so that no one has to question their legitimacy or integrity. He was speaking at the recent Travel Awards ceremony at the Sandals Resort in Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

Just recently, the Minister of Tourism identified digital transformation and changes in the political landscape as disruptors to the Tourism Industry. According to the minister, Edmund Bartlett, these must now be addressed to eliminate any instance of uncertainty in the Tourism sector. He believes that maintaining a visitor’s confidence in a destination is critical for a country’s tourism sector to grow and develop.

In recent times, there have been major technological developments which has made it easier for consumers to do business online. This means that the tourism sector has to implement measures to protect the information of their customers.

The Senior Vice President of sales at Sandals, Gary Sadler, believes that travel agents must follow suit to maintain their growing clientèle.